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New Wilton Manors Starbucks Ready to Perk

At a time where 2/3 of contractors are experiencing delays and 87% expect to see business suffer, GSD Contracting is proud to announce it is less than two weeks from completing the shell work and site work for a new Starbucks in South Florida. This location will soon open on NE 26th Street in Wilton Manors, a cultural hub known for its vibrant nightlife near downtown Fort Lauderdale.

1 of 2 Active Construction Sites in Wilton Manors

Self described as the “little city with a big quality of life,” Wilton Manors has been focused on driving economic growth through new construction projects over the last few years. But COVID threw a wrench in its near-term plans. In fact during Broward County’s shelter at home order, GSD’s project was only one of two commercial project sites permitted to remain operational in the city.

While COVID has slowed new construction and renovation projects across the country, GSD’s strict adherence to CDC, state and county safety measures allowed the commercial construction company to continue with the ground-up construction project. One of the most impressive feats is that GSD will finish this Starbucks project within two weeks of its initial goal.

A New Normal for Starbucks

The new Starbucks on 1501 NE 26th Street is set to replace the current Starbucks located just a few blocks down the road. The upgraded locale will have three key elements that ensure patrons can socially distance themselves–an expanded parking lot, a drive-thru, and outdoor seating.

These distancing features are vital to inspire customer confidence as businesses begin to reopen in the COVID era. In fact, Starbucks recently announced plans to close 400 locations while reopening 300 new ones that focus on curbside and drive-thru options. The new Starbucks in Wilton Manors gives customers options to imbibe without fear, either from their cars or while sitting outside enjoying the fresh air. GSD remains very active with ground-up and tenant improvement projects in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

GSD’s COVID Precautions

What began as a standard project to construct a Starbucks shell and drywall, quickly evolved into a complex pursuit for GSD. To complete the project without getting shut down or risking the health of its workers, GSD had to pivot to operate under the new COVID-19 microscope. That’s why its project managers immediately drafted a safety plan and sent it to the client for review.

“We wanted the client to know they were not liable for worst-case scenarios that could occur during construction. More importantly, we wanted them to know the worst-case scenarios would not occur because GSD is proactively implementing stringent safety measures,” said Eric Carter, GSD project manager.

GSD immediately secured the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and mandated its workers to wear them at all times. This enforcement was vital for GSD to continue operating while building inspectors made frequent visits to ensure it was following mandated health guidelines. GSD faced 2-3 inspections every week and passed each one without an issue.

Why GSD Continued Operating While Others Were Shut Down

GSD took the city’s COVID guidelines seriously and implemented them by the book. For example, the company’s project managers staggered the team’s schedules to ensure there were never more than 10-15 members on site at once. Additionally, GSD regularly checked crew member’s temperatures, held meetings offsite to reduce the number of people on the job, and strictly enforced social distancing rules on the job. GSD never wavered in its compliance and went even further to prevent outbreaks on site.

GSD regularly employed advanced sanitization measures to properly disinfect the trailers and common areas. It also set up sanitation stations, handwashing sinks and potable water to ensure it was safe for the crew to drink.

Building Trust in Uncertain Times

GSD Contracting’s investment in safety and compliance made it uniquely qualified to complete the new Starbucks with only a slight delay. This is an incredible accomplishment that shows GSD’s leaders and crew can be trusted to do their jobs well under any circumstance. The company is proud of its work and excited that patrons will be sipping their favorite java from a safe social distance soon.