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Fire Code Changes

How to Enhance Public Safety Communications in Commercial Buildings – A Free Guide

Public safety signal boosters enhance the 700MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz public safety frequencies to improve the quality of first responder communications, especially communications in large, commercial buildings with weak signal in critical areas. SureCall, a company that engineers and manufactures cellular signal boosters, has put together a guide to public safety signal boosters that explains the basic ins and outs of public safety communications compliance codes and how products like SureCall’s Guardian 3 QR can play a vital role in enhancing public safety communications inside large […]

florida building code changes

Florida Building Code Changes Impact Building Design and Construction

If you’re planning a new construction or rehab project or already have one in the works, the new Florida State Building Code changes probably apply to you. Some of these changes deal with safety, particularly hurricane safety, but energy efficiency also gets a new standard. The 5th Edition of the Code took effect on June 30, 2015. Getting that all-important Certificate of Occupancy partly depends on you, the owner. It’s an active participation type of situation. And for projects with […]

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