Sound Advice: Retail Construction

  • Retail renovation project for Sound Advice in Hollywood, FL
  • GSD Contracting renovates Sound Advice in Hollywood, FL
  • Sound Advice retail renovation project in Hollywood, FL

The Challenge

Everyone knows that Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season and is, potentially, the biggest cash register ringer of the year. So if a planned store is not open for business on this important shopping day, it can really hit your bottom line. Sound Advice, a South Florida specialty electronics retailer, gave us the challenging retail construction project of converting a 30,000 sq ft warehouse into a fully functional store in 30 days! 

The Solution

We’re known for our buckled up project management. This was one case where that expertise made all the difference. We launched a full court press to convert the warehouse to a shiny, new electronics retail store featuring sound rooms, car audio rooms, home theaters, and specialty TV platform displays. 

The Result

Our team worked around the clock including over the Thanksgiving Day holiday to complete the unique construction required so Sound Advice was opened for the all-important Black Friday rush of shoppers. Drills drilled. Hammers tapped. Cash registers rang. Success!

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