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We’ve all seen those residential renovation nightmares on HGTV: tempers flair and budgets soar. It can happen in commercial remodeling too, albeit on a much larger scale.

That’s why we approach every renovation project with a big dose of caution and extreme due diligence. Architects and designers can’t open walls or raise roofs. Only we as a renovation contractor can do that. Sometimes nasty surprises await, requiring time-consuming extra work. That’s why we insist that renovation budgets account for the possibility of the unforeseen.

Commercial remodeling work also often requires us to work around a business that must remain operational. A good example of this is our work for Fidelity Investments and their retail Investor Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The project was broken into seven phases, so it was manageable from an operational standpoint. Employees knew in advance what would happen when, keeping the doors open and the business working with a minimum of disruption.

For Sound Advice, a local specialized electronic retailer, we fast-tracked the conversion of a warehouse in Hollywood, Florida into a modern, wires-for-sound showroom.

On occasion renovation also involves historic preservation. Such was the case with a local branch for the biggest retail bank in the U.S. on Banyan Blvd. in historic downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. The façade and arcade of the 1925 W.D. Fagan Building were preserved and new construction build around it. This nod to architecture of the boom days of West Palm Beach made for a very rewarding project.


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