Tropical Chevrolet

  • Auto dealership renovation project in Miami, FL
  • Tropical Chevrolet's sleek new showroom
  • GSD Contracting refreshed the exterior façade of Tropical Chevrolet

Project details

  • Size: 10,539 sf
  • Cost: $1.3 million
  • Service: Renovation and Addition
  • Project Location: Miami, FL
  • Owner: Tropical Chevrolet

Overview: The South Florida auto-dealership industry is running on all cylinders. The auto industry has changed a lot in the last 10-20 years and so has the car buyer. Like retail banks, car dealerships recognize the need to renovate their facilities to remain relevant to the savvier, digitally connected consumer.

Tropical Chevrolet in Miami set out to give its dealership an updated and contemporary look. The architect was searching for a trusted and experienced auto dealership commercial contractor with a proven track record of success. We were honored when a past client referred us to the project.

The auto showroom remained open during construction, so special precautions were taken to separate our work from the operating areas and control noise and debris. The client appreciated our efforts to minimize disruption to the business and acknowledged that over the two-month project, the dealership had its busiest month on record.

Tropical Chevrolet now has a new service reception area, a refreshed exterior façade, and an upgraded restroom, customer service lounge, and office space. The beautiful new facility is a sleek showroom to help sell lots of cars.

Fun facts:

  • Greg DeJohn, GSD’s founder, recalls car shopping with his father at this location when he was a boy.
  • Right after we completed construction, Tropical Chevrolet was included in Season 1 of the “Ballers” TV Series on HBO. Omar Benson Miller, one of the co-stars, was a fictional employee of the dealership.

For more information about this project, click here.

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