Saint Anthony Catholic School

  • GSD Contracting renovates Saint Anthony Catholic School gymnasium
  • Saint Anthony Catholic School’s gymnasium in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • GSD Contracting renovates the interior of Saint Anthony Catholic School gymnasium
  • GSD Contracting adds A/C units into Saint Anthony Catholic School gymnasium

Project details

  • Size: 10,000sf
  • Cost: $1.2mm
  • Service: Covered Walk Additions and HVAC System Installation
  • Project Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Owner: Saint Anthony Catholic School

Overview: It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to complete a project for a historical landmark. Saint Anthony Catholic School, Broward County’s oldest Catholic School, opened 90 years ago with 64 students. Today, it has grown to accommodate over 400 students and maintains an exceptional reputation in South Florida.

One of the caveats of a historic building is that it often lacks modern updates. In Saint Anthony’s case, the 6,400sf gymnasium never had air conditioning. That was where the project began. We converted a multi-purpose staged interior area to a two-level structure, allowing for HVAC equipment rooms at the second level and added bathrooms and the coach’s office on the first level.

In the end, Saint Anthony Catholic School benefited from the renovated, climate controlled gym (much to the delight of athletes and their families) that still preserved its rich history. What’s more, our valued long-term client, The Archdiocese of Miami, was so pleased with our work, it awarded us another project to install approximately 4,000sf of covered walkways.

Thus continues our long and proud tradition of constructing long-standing buildings for great clients like The Archdiocese of Miami. To learn more about this church renovation and the history of the school, click here.

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