Gordon Food Service

  • GSD Contracting renovates Gordon Food Service in West Palm Beach, FL

Project details

  • Size: 13,373 Sq FT.
  • Cost: $282,345
  • Service: Renovation
  • Project Location: West Palm Beach
  • Name of Owner: Bill Lewinski

Overview: <

Renovating a business while it remains open always requires special precautions, but doing so for a food and beverage establishment demands an extra level of care and attention to detail. This was the case with Gordon Food Service, a national foodservice distributor that hired us to complete a number of renovations all while the store was open for business. The project services included:

  • Replacing refrigeration units
  • Implementing new electrical services
  • Remodeling the entire entry façade

Preserving the store’s refrigerated food and ensuring public safety were top priorities for our client, which meant they were top priorities for us. When the refrigerator had to be switched, our Project Manager diligently brought in loads of dry ice in order to preserve the food. When we worked on remodeling the entry, tunnel scaffolding was put to use in order to protect the public. It’s this type of consideration that facilitates long-term relationships and builds trust between our clients and us.

In the end, Gordon Food Service had an updated store to provide reliable food services for a number of businesses in the South Florida community. Click here to learn more about our experience with retail construction and renovations.

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