Olympus Condominium Activity Center

Project details

  • Size: 14,000 sq. ft.
  • Project Location: Hallandale Beach
  • Owner: Homeowners Association

Overview: The Olympus Condominium activity center is a two-story recreation building that is situated within the center of three condo towers. The building was made uninhabitable during the 2004-06 hurricane seasons. Recently, the HOA allocated funds to make much needed capital improvements to the building including a renovated activities center, modern fitness center, areas for yoga, nutrition, and card rooms.

Since the complex was built in the 1970s, the activity center was not equipped with an elevator despite being a two-story building. However, it now had to be brought up to code and comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Installing this elevator proved to be a challenge for our team because we needed to dig 5’ below ground for installation, but reached a flood of water as soon as we hit 2’6”. After analyzing the situation the team, along with the architects and engineers on the project, decided the best solution was to inject a fill around the elevator pit. This allowed us to stabilize the soil, making the water manageable though pumping. In this tough and unexpected situation, we were able to overcome this obstacle in a timely manner.

This project is a great case study for other South Florida HOAs to consider. Considering the rate of which an aging population is retiring and spending more time in Florida, an investment in modern amenities provides residents (and future residents) healthier physical, social and mental outlets. This activity center renovation also makes the complex safer against future storms and aesthetically more appealing to future buyers including the children of existing residents.

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