• Commercial renovation for Escada Palm Beach
  • GSD Contracting renovates Escada Palm Beach

Project details

  • Size: Approx. 2,500sf
  • Cost: $200,000.00
  • Service: Re-roof; retrofit glazing and HVAC
  • Project Location: Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL
  • Owner: Escada Palm Beach

Overview: Our remodel for Escada, a luxury fashion and accessories store in an early 20th century building in Palm Beach, stemmed from a referral. When the building’s landlord saw us constructing a national bank down the street, he was impressed, and recommended GSD Contracting to his tenant looking to renovate the retail store.

Once involved, we worked closely with the architect to tweak the design for project success – taking into account quality control, moisture, structural integrity of the historic building, and scheduling. The town had strict rules regarding working hours and time frames for construction, so we worked to a tight schedule to complete the project over two summers, working between blackout dates. There were also high expectations from the town to minimize noise, dust, and construction debris.

Upon completion, Escada’s leak concerns had been addressed, given new roofing, A/C units, and second level exterior windows. The client spoke highly of our superintendent Eric, and the way GSD diligently handled scheduling and the local Town’s concerns throughout the project.

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