Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • GSD Contracting renovates the interior of Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Interior renovation of Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car renovation in Hollywood, Fl.
  • GSD Contracting renovates a garage into a carwash for Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Project details

  • Size : Varies
  • Cost : Multiple Renovation Projects
  • Service: Interior Renovation
  • Project Location: South Florida
  • Owner: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Overview: GSD Contracting has, for over 12 years, built businesses for Enterprise Rent-A-Car as the contractor of multiple renovation projects across South Florida for the national car rental company. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has entrusted us with dozens of various sized projects over the years and allows us to make “value decisions” on their behalf as a result of the trust we have built with them. As a result of these value decisions, we build with long-term functional quality in mind, and we know what criteria must be met to achieve the standards of their ideal facility. We are adept at taking old, decrepit buildings – such as gas stations, restaurants, and industrial and retail buildings – and turning them into the clean, modern buildings that the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand is known for.

For example, we renovated an old diner in Hollywood for the company, and transformed a garage in Deerfield Beach into a carwash. The Deerfield Beach location also had extreme floor issues, including damage from old lifts, pipes, and drains. Instead of completely removing the floor, which would entail subgrade remedial work, our Project Manager proposed an innovative solution in the interest of saving the owner money and time. Recognizing a superior value solution, we floated the floor to create a consistent concrete surface thus swallowing any imperfections. It was then coated with a damage-resistant synthetic coating. The end result was a brand new carwash and facility for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to better serve their customers. To learn more about our experience with auto construction and renovations, click here.

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