Cinemark Theatres

  • Lakeland, FL movie theater renovation project for Cinemark
  • GSD Contracting renovates Cinemark movie theater in Lakeland, FL
  • Movie theater renovation project for Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema.
  • GSD Contracting constructs new movie theater in Lakeland, FL
  • GSD Contracting refits movie theater to create Cinemark XD experience.

Project details

  • Size: 12-screen 50,000sf
  • Service: Renovation
  • Project Location: Lakeland, FL
  • Owner: Cinemark USA

Overview: Cinemark acquired four of the former Muvico Theatre properties and we were offered the opportunity to contract to refit many of the auditoriums to create the Cinemark XD experience. Our success in this relationship led directly to a contract to construct a new 12-screen, 50,000sf XD theatre experience in Lakeland, Florida at the Lakeland Square Mall.

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