Weston Volvo

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Project Detail: Weston Volvo-Nissan
Size: 2,312 sq. ft.
Project Type: Renovation
Project Location: Davie, FL
Owner: Weston Volvo-Nissan

Overview: Across South Florida, car dealerships are remodeling and updating their showrooms. With more options to buy new and used cars online, auto manufacturers are urging their dealer network to bring their showrooms and service centers into the 21st century.

While many car buyers conduct their initial research online before they visit a dealership, walking in and experiencing the dealership is still the most important point of contact for a car dealership. As a result, dealership facility design still matters.

Weston Volvo-Nissan is a family owned and operated auto dealer in Davie, FL. Our client understands how vital it is to the growth of their brand and business that their physical location is engaging and inviting. GSD is proud to have been selected for their multi-year, multi-phased renovations now including a phase II exterior expansion. We recently completed a full interior showroom renovation for Volvo.

Since the interior renovation, our client’s Volvo sales increased to a point where they now rank in the top 10 in sales among Volvo dealership nationwide, proving once again that retail renovations, if well planned and executed, do not discourage retail sales.

As part of the renovation process, we moved sales staff a few times to be able to complete all the finishes and keep them in business. Our team worked with the architect and city to procure and expedite local permits. In addition we …

  • Handled the demolition of the existing conditions.
  • Moved customers and sales staff a few times without business interruption to complete all the finishes and stay on schedule.
  • Completed a full interior showroom upgrade.

This project is another example how GSD Contracting remains at the forefront of auto dealership construction and design in South Florida for the last 35+ years.

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