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GSD Aces New Hire: Meet George Braeunig

As a seasoned tennis competitor, George Braeunig stakes his reputation on his integrity. According to tennis code, any ball that touches part of the line may be 99% out. But it’s also 100% in. George knows it’s his responsibility to make the honest call every time.

As a lifelong business owner, George takes this gentleman’s concept off the court as well. He only works with people he can trust and promises his honesty in return.

The commercial construction industry is known for some bad actors that often submit misleading low-ball bids and rely on bait and switch practices. When GSD needed a person to develop meaningful relationships and embody its brand promise of Building Trust, George was a natural fit for the role.

Building Relationships on Integrity

George came to GSD with more than 30 years of business development and entrepreneurial experience. After graduating college, George built the only South Florida factory-direct trade-show company. Starting from a mere concept, George grew the business into an 8,000-square-feet showroom with 52 employees–serving as one of the area’s largest tradeshow providers.

After 23 successful years, George launched a second company, which sold point-of-sale products, display racks, and custom promotion items to the spirits industry. After successfully building and exiting that company, George transitioned from business ownership to business development for an international solar company based in Boston, Ma. As an invaluable member of the business development team, George built the Southeast territory.

While working at the solar company, George serendipitously had dinner with GSD’s prior owner, Greg DeJohn. The two had been friends for more than 20 years while their kids went to middle school in Fort Lauderdale. Greg sensed that George wanted a more challenging role.

Greg also knew that someone who triumphed through the trials of business ownership, while maintaining the respect of his employees would be the right fit for GSD. Greg believed in George’s ability to build rapport with business owners because George could relate to their experience and plight. Greg set up a meeting with GSD’s new owners right away to ensure it was a match. 

The Right Fit at GSD

George has always built businesses on trust, treated employees like family, and strived for continual growth. That’s why he would only work for a company with a similar family mentality, big vision, and commitment to quality. With GSD’s 40 years of experience and $100 million in project insurance, George had a feeling GSD would be perfect for his next endeavor.

Later when George met the team, he immediately realized the level of experience and skill in place. For example, GSD’s General Manager Sonny Russano had established meticulous standard operating procedures (SOPs) that ensured the company could deliver on its commitments. GSD’s high level of integrity and work ethic matched the standards George had always set for himself, and he felt comfortable advocating on its behalf.

Advantage to GSD Clients

George’s goal in business development for GSD is to bring in the right type of ground-up and tenant improvement bid opportunities. As part of his strategy, George maintains meaningful contact with all clients, while networking with new prospects, including architects, commercial brokers and business owners in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

When it comes to building relationships with prospects and customers, George believes availability and communication are critical. George is always plugged in, including nights and weekends. And whenever a client has an urgent question, George always picks up the phone or calls back immediately.

George prides himself on being a great listener and strives to understand his clients on a personal and professional level. For George, face-to-face is the best method to develop transparency, trust, and friendship. By developing long-term relationships through frequent interactions, George hopes to position GSD as a company his clients and prospects can depend on.

George knows budget matters to his clients, but he also knows value is just as important. Finding the balance between budget and quality is a concept George is familiar with as a prior business owner and one that GSD is committed to providing its clients.

Today as GSD’s advocate in business development, George proudly represents a company that never sacrifices quality for profits and builds its relationships on gentleman’s trust.