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We enjoy our work in medical construction and design collaboration not only because of the challenges it presents, but we respect that this rewarding field is more recession proof than others. Not only do these facilities have to incorporate high technology and refined finishes, but often they must be build while a hospital or other medical facility remains in operation.

Our work for the American Hospital Group in Miami, early in our career, is a case in point. We collaborated with the design team, hospital management and ownership to create VIP suites in different wards throughout an operating hospital plus a lobby waterfall. Other more practical projects included anesthesiology, radiology, and ER (while in use!) departments. All required attention to indoor air quality (IAQ), cleanliness and sanitary conditions, dust, odor and noise reduction, and respect for patients and staff. Certain safety measures are required as well when handling x-ray and physical therapy equipment and a facility for disposal of hazardous waste.

Our ongoing successful, multi-year relationship with the design and ownership team on this hospital construction project lead to a negotiated contract to construct a 3-story medical office building on top of an existing retail building, quite the challenge indeed!

Our relationship with Concentra, a subsidiary of healthcare giant Humana, has been long and productive. We’ve built many facilities for them in the fast-expanding arena of rehabilitative and urgent care, which bridges the gap between the family doctor and the ER.

We also renovated the campus-like buildings for Sheridan House in Dania Beach, a 48-bed residential drug treatment facility. The rebuild included a luxury finish and infrastructure refit, new mechanical, fire safety and electrical systems. We also renovated the administrative center.

As a hospital construction company since the early 1980s, we’re well versed and have been involved in everything from expansion of an ER to doctor and dentist offices to veterinary surgical clinics to urgent care centers.

Our credentials, experience and in-house expertise benefit every healthcare construction project we undertake. Have an upcoming new construction or renovation project? We want to learn more. Call us at 954-961-4222 or fill out the Project Details form so we can submit a bid.

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