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Hooked On Commercial Construction and Fishing

“It is impossible to grow weary of a sport that is never the same on any two days of the year” – Theodore Gordon

Great fishermen learn to be great planners and observant of their surroundings. They know how things tie together and make connections that less astute fisherman usually miss. Great fishermen are adaptable. They are willing and able to change tactics as the situation calls for it. The skills needed to become a great fisherman are similar to the high standards expected of GSD Contracting’s project managers. Eric Carter knows this.

The Wonder Years

Well before he ascended to his current role as Project Manager for GSD Contracting, Eric Carter was being groomed to become a master craftsman. As a kid he learned to use a number of tools to build skateboards. As a teenager he honed his skills in millwork  for a custom pool builder. Later he excelled in carpentry building and installing custom kitchens. These early life experiences provided Eric with the hands-on experience to bend, shape, cut, and install. Eric joined GSD Contracting and spent many years as a Project Supervisor. Project team members respected Eric’s carpentry skills and School of Hard Knocks training. As a result of delivering projects on time and within budget, Eric earned the promotion he always wanted … to become a commercial construction project manager.

Coach Carter

While working for different family owned and operated construction businesses, Eric appreciated the opportunity to be part of a team. It wasn’t until he started competing in South Florida fishing tournaments that he truly understood what it required to become a team leader. In tournament fishing teamwork is a must. Each member on the boat has a job and must work together as team in order to be efficient and successful. Teamwork is best carried out when Eric provides a clear and concise direction so everyone on the boat is aware of the plan and where/what they should be doing. This is also true in commercial construction. As a Project Manager, Eric recognizes the need for all project team members, from the Supervisor to the subcontractors, working together for a project to be successful. Eric also takes great pride in keeping the property owners and architects in the loop when it comes to permitting and project updates.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Importance of Proper Planning

One reason Eric has been successful as a Project Manager for GSD Contracting is result of his intense preparation and attention to the most minute of details. While some who fish can sometimes be successful just by dumb luck, the ones who are consistently successful, especially in tournament fishing, are those who view planning and preparation as essential. Boats, motors, rods and reels must work properly in order to bring a kingfish to the weigh-in. Eric and his team spend hours rigging rods, spooling new line and preparing the boat before competing. Top anglers also spend days researching the tournament waters. They also browse the Internet for past tournament results to determine seasonal patterns. Eric’s approach to his clients’ construction projects is no different. His job is not just to work with the Project Supervisor to deal with problems as they arise but anticipate and solve them before they happen.

Responsibilities and Results

Eric’s responsibilities as a Project Manager are, like an ocean, deep and wide. Here are some.

  • Oversee construction projects from beginning to end
  • Manage the budget and estimate costs
  • Determine the necessary equipment, materials, and manpower needed
  • Keep track of inventory, tools and equipment
  • Ensure supplies and equipment are ordered and delivered according to schedule
  • Prepare reports regarding job status
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and building codes
  • Evaluate risks
  • Collaborate with subcontractors, engineers, architects and key team members of the project team
  • Negotiate with external vendors on contract agreements
  • Obtain the appropriate permits and licenses from authorities for construction sites
  • Plan construction operations
  • Ensure all deadlines are met
  • Hire contractors and staff including construction laborers
  • Allocate and manage resources to ensure that they are available when they are needed throughout the construction projects
  • Keep all stakeholders aware of the progress on projects and prepare progress reports regularly
  • Handle any environmental or local community issues that may come up during a project
  • Conduct site checks to monitor progress and quality standards

A Real Catch

The executive management team at GSD Contracting has a lot of faith and trust in Eric. His relentless work ethic, innovative thinking and can do attitude has lead to more responsibility and challenging project. He’s been the project manager for some high profile properties including two new retail locations at Dania Pointe, a 102-acre premier mixed-use development in Dania Beach, Aldi supermarket in Hialeah, and the construction of a new Starbucks location in Wilton Manors.