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Get To Know Shawn Desjardins

A trusted commercial general contractor is as skilled and efficient as the employees that represent them. For GSD, the company’s employees share a common passion and determination to always do right for the client … even if it means going against conventional thinking. Shawn Desjardins is one of GSD’s experienced and valued project supervisors. Here’s more about Shawn and his forward-thinking approach to commercial construction management.

Success Starts With Understanding Why

With over 20 years commercial construction experience, Shawn values understanding the client’s vision and goals. Before he starts on a project, Shawn wants to know what he is building, but more importantly, how the project will impact a client’s business for the next decade or more. Intimate knowledge of the purpose and function of a commercial build out or renovation helps him better manage the crew and perhaps find ways to help the client save time and money.

“It’s all about reading into their business and finding a way to incorporate owner,  employee and customer needs while getting the job done,” said Desjardins.

Commercial Contractor That Thinks With Vision and Purpose

Shawn’s favorite part of the job is the Phasing of Live Open Projects to keep “The Client in Business” which involves looking into the future for what potential tenants may need. This was highlighted in the AmTrust Surfside project where the Owner’s Rep was reluctant to agree to additional mechanical roof racks and jacks. The goal was for limited or zero penetrations in the roof “down the road”. Near the completion of the roof replacement the building owner signed CVS and Starbucks as new tenants. Both tenants used the new roof stands and jacks for refrigeration units as well as satellite platforms during their build outs. During an inspection by the Owner’s Rep, he saw that the new tenants utilized the equipment Shawn recommended.

Desjardins recalls that visit … “He put an arm around my shoulders and said ‘I am so glad we had you work with us on the roof project’. It was a proud moment when you see your intuition and experience pays off for a client in a big way.”

Shawn Helps Us Build Trust

Our team benefits from an energetic and creative management team at its helm. All employees bring a distinct set of skills and experience, ensuring a balanced perspective on each project. Although from varied backgrounds, our employees share a common vision and values; they possess a passion for building, a devotion to client satisfaction, a strong enthusiasm for shaping the communities we live in.