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GSD Keeps Projects on Schedule Due to COVID-19 Protocols

GSD Projects Immune to COVID Surge in South Florida

General contractors–along with the rest of the world–are operating under a new normal. The only way to maintain our livelihoods during the pandemic is to adapt immediately, and that requires highly skilled project managers to oversee compliance and schedule coordination of teams. At best, the cost of ignoring COVID protocols leads to severe delays. At worst, it means crew members risk contracting the virus onsite and projects get shut down.

To successfully navigate a new network of municipal regulations, while prioritizing workers’ health, and completing jobs on time takes next level expertise. Not every construction team is prepared to pivot. Non-compliance has forced projects across South Florida and the country to cease operations, causing delays and economic hardship for crews, contractors, and their clients. For commercial developers and investors, time is money especially when project crews are shutdown. However, GSD’s experienced project managers and supervisors have stayed ahead of the latest guidelines. To date, GSD has kept job sites 100% compliant and free of COVID-19 cases. Here are a few recent projects and the extraordinary steps we took to keep our client projects moving forward. 

Starbucks in Wilton Manors, Florida

GSD helped build this 2,500-square-foot Starbucks from the ground up. As one of only two construction projects approved in Wilton Manors at the time, this site was under intense scrutiny. Luckily project manager Eric Carter, who has worked with the company since 2011, immediately implemented all requirements to pass biweekly inspections and prevent delays.

GSD was responsible for constructing the exterior of the building. Although this meant workers did not have to spend much time indoors, Carter and his team still enforced social distancing between workers on the project. GSD also invested in face masks early on for its workers, and required wearing them on all sites. In addition to providing personal protective equipment (PPE), GSD increased sanitization measures as well. Going the extra mile to protect its workers, GSD hired Total Cleaning to disinfect all job sites.

As a result of these measures, GSD passed every inspection, and completed the Starbucks project without violations or delays. 

Cirque Bakery in Pompano Beach, Florida

GSD expects to complete the 5,200-square-foot Cirque Bakery, a wholesale and food-prep store, this summer. Due to added restrictions by the city of Pompano and the fact that this project takes place indoors, GSD must overcome a few more hurdles to ensure safe and compliant operations. Fortunately, Shawn Desjardins, who has more than 20 years of experience with GSD, is a forward-thinking project manager. Desjardins immediately enacted creative solutions to keep the project safe and on track.

On a typical construction project, it’s common for three or more teams to work simultaneously on any given day. However, this simply isn’t an option due to social distancing and municipal requirements today. To solve this, GSD staged crews in multiple shifts.

This staggering technique requires precise coordination because if one crew falls behind, it will have a delaying domino effect on the rest of the crews. Desjardins also spread out the team in different parts of the building, with a maximum of 10 workers on site at once. Moreover, all workers wore face masks at all times. With these policies in place, the project is currently on track and operating without any rule violations or shutdowns. 

Weston Volvo in Davie, Florida

Weston Volvo-Nissan is a family owned and operated auto dealer in Davie, Florida. Across South Florida, car dealerships are remodeling and updating showrooms to make their physical locations more warm and inviting. Weston Volvo selected GSD to complete a series of renovations. Most recently a new 3,140-square-foot interior showroom.

While the building’s larger size made it easier for crew members to properly distance from each other, this project had another obstacle to overcome. As an active showroom with employees and customers present, GSD’s project manager had to create a new strategy.

In addition to social distancing, face masks, and sanitization procedures, which included hand-washing stations, Shawn Desjardins took measures to isolate construction workers from the public. GSD installed special plexiglass barriers to separate workers from employees and customers, and ensured its team entered through exterior doors to minimize interactions. GSD also created 10 foot barriers between all employee desks at the office.

By expertly managing the project and going beyond the requirements, GSD completed the renovation safely and without delays.


Just one COVID-19 case or failed inspection on a job site can shut it down, which leads to lost time and money. That’s why GSD is one of the most trusted commercial construction companies in South Florida. Our experienced project managers and Supervisors understand the new rules and they go the extra mile to keep local officials, employees, and contractors safe. When they keep the site safe, lives and livelihoods are protected and projects are delivered without delay.