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GSD’s New Construction Projects in Retail and Banking

We are pleased to announce that two new construction projects in Miami-Dade County are getting underway this month. One is a retail expansion for a new client and the other is a renovation for a long time banking client.

Retail Construction: Expanding a Shopping Center

The retail construction project is an expansion of an existing shopping center at 19915 Biscayne Blvd. in the busy Aventura shopping corridor anchored by HH Gregg, Stein Mart and Chilli’s. On behalf of the owner, we will be adding an approximately 7,600 sq ft retail building on the south wall of the Stein Mart, facing Aventura Blvd. The architect on the project is Fisher & Associates of Clearwater, Florida.
The scope of work includes the building shell and exterior with some plumbing and electrical work. The work is due for completion in December. Given the building size, the project is likely to attract two or three nationally prominent retail tenants. While we are not yet contracted for the interior build outs, we believe we are well positioned to be considered for this additional work.
We love new client relationships and see this one as an opportunity for continuing projects in commercial retail construction, a category we have deep experience in. While we weren’t the lowest bidder on this project, it was awarded on the basis of our thoughtful and thorough questions during the interview process.

Banking Construction: Renovating a Neighborhood Bank

The second project, a banking construction project, getting underway this month is a renovation at the Surfside, Florida branch of AmTrust Bank, a well-known name in retail banking in South Florida and now a division of New York Community Bank. We’ve done many projects for AmTrust over the years. Architects on the project are RS&H through their Miami office.
We’re tasked with renovating and modernizing the façade of the building, relocating and building a new ATM room, screening the chiller tower on the roof, and designing and installing a new signage package. The 160 foot long sign is a unique design. It is fabricated to look like blades of grass backed with green LED lighting. We think it will be a real attention-getter for AmTrust Bank, and has the potential to become a recognized landmark in the neighborhood.

Trust GSD with Your Construction Projects

Retail and banking construction projects have been a core part of our business since the beginning. If you’d like us to bid on your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.