Commercial Renovation Contractors

Respecting Historic Architecture as Commercial Renovation Contractors

As general contractors, of course it is easiest to start from a cleared site and build from there. But we don’t just do easy. Occasionally we are hired for a major project that requires preserving historic architectural elements. We have respect for our architectural heritage, so we enjoy these challenging projects. We were involved in a project in downtown West Palm Beach a few years ago that involved two buildings, one historic and worth preserving, and one built in the […]

New Urbanism

New Urbanism Grows Up

New Urbanism is a movement that took shape in the early 1980s. It has at its core the concept of walkable environments where residents live, work, shop, and play in cohesive, planned communities. Its rise was a reaction to suburban sprawl that developed after World War II and the rise of car ownership. Suburbia was aided and abetted by zoning laws that kept residential and commercial development separate. As the car became a necessity people became disconnected from their neighbors […]

Unique Construction

Challenges Accepted: Unique Construction & Tough Jobs

The way we look at it, any competent general contractor can put up a standard warehouse or office building. Over the years, we’ve certainly had our share of straightforward, by-the-book projects. But we believe what really makes us stand out among our peers is our ability to handle the tough jobs, those that benefit from our years of experience, outstanding project management and creative problem solving. We don’t necessarily have to seek out these challenging projects—they come to us. We’ve […]

Warehouse Construction

Warehouse Construction: Smart Warehouses are Getting Smarter

Ever drive by an industrial park and wonder what goes on in all those gigantic, faceless warehouses? You’d be surprised at the level of technology employed today to construct these warehouses and to store goods before sending them to market. “Logistics, robotics, supply chain management, inventory management, materials handling, and predictive data analytics.” Some of the terms used in this field will tell you this isn’t your grandfather’s warehouse anymore! So what happened to conveyor belts, pallets and forklifts? They are […]

Country Club Remodeling

Country Club Communities Remodeling to Remain Competitive

All you have to do is open the real estate section of your local South Florida newspaper and you know that residential real estate development is on the rise. Developers are active again after sitting out the Great Recession. New communities are coming to market with all the amenities you could ask for that define country club living­—golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, luxurious club houses with gyms, spas, card rooms, dining and more. So where does that leave country […]

Country Club Remodeling

The Intersection of Retail Branding & Retail Construction

Have you ever wondered how an Apple computer store in Stuttgart or Shanghai looks almost exactly like your local Apple store? It’s all about branding, and it’s the centerpiece of retail marketing. Brands aim for consistency in everything they do. How they present their name in a logo, how they design advertising and packaging, and how their interior and exterior look and feel wherever they do business—whether that’s a high rise, low rise, contemporary, historical, suburban, or urban setting. Retail […]

Commercial Remodel Miami

Tropical Chevrolet’s Commercial Remodel in Miami

New car sales are booming in Miami, and that means expansion and upgrading of dealerships can’t be far behind. During the recession and a downturn in sales, auto dealerships put off updating their facilities, but now the floodgates have opened and both new construction and renovations in this sector are seeing an uptick in activity. Such was the case for Tropical Chevrolet in Miami Shores who wanted a fresh, new look to match all the shiny, new Cameros and Corvette […]

Miami Shared Debuts Luxury Shared Rental Office Space Constructed by GSD

A rival to Facebook? A new photo sharing app that blows you away? Who knows what tech innovations will hit the market as a result of the collaboration and innovation that are at the core of Miami Shared’s new DaskLux luxury executive suites at 900 Biscayne Blvd in Miami, constructed by GSD Contracting. The concept is called “a coworking community ” and given Miami Shared’s sleek modern design and office amenities, Miami tech startups will think they’ve already arrived! The […]

Breaking New Ground in Commercial Construction: New InterMarine Headquarters

Out with the old, in with the new! We were excited about the recent permitting approvals from the City of Dania Beach so InterMarine’s new headquarters can finally break ground. But the excitement level of InterMarine’s staff who have been working in trailers on the site for more than two years was off the charts! When this shiny new facility is finished, we think everyone will feel the wait was worth it. GSD Contracting is building a state-of-the-art marine facility […]

South Florida Commercial Contractor Launches Updated Website

GSD is one of the most respected commercial contractors in South and Central Florida. Over the last 20+ years, we have built, rebuilt and renovated many iconic banks, churches and retail properties for well-known private and public organizations. “The Cobbler’s Children Go Unshod” After decades of putting our clients first, we decided to allocate just a little bit of time and resources to our own needs. We just completed a different kind of renovation … on our corporate website. After […]

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