Construction Estimating: Getting Started

You’re bursting at the seams. Your current space isn’t serving your needs. You’re ready to invest in an additional location. There are any number of reasons why you’re starting to think about construction estimating. You need to set a budget for a new project, but before you can do that you have many factors to consider. We’ll address a few of them here so you can move toward the bidding process. Consider the structure Do you have dreams of grandeur? […]


How to Choose the Exterior Color of Your Building

You’ve wrestled with design, square footage and dozens of other details to get your new building project moving forward. Now you get to exercise your creative chops and choose a color for your building. We’ll address interior colors in a separate blog post. Color is both fun and serious at the same time. It’s fun to contemplate the world of color and all its permutations, but choosing a color that showcases your business and what it stands for is serious […]

Latest Trends in Outpatient Facility Design

All you have to do to confirm that the outpatient facility sector is growing is to drive around any urban neighborhood. Urgent care centers; ambulatory surgery centers and off-site hospital ER facilities are popping up everywhere. With growth comes a more concerted effort to streamline the design of these facilities. Owners, often regional or national players, are looking for flexible space configurations, economies of scale and consistency in design to promote branding. According to an article on Building Design + […]

David vs. Goliath: Is a Boutique Contractor Right For You?

We aren’t so much about labels, but given our size it would be fair to describe us as a client once did as “a boutique commercial contractor.” We aren’t big, but we aren’t small. We think our size is just right for our customers. We choose our projects carefully, seeking those where we feel we will add value to the customers’ experience while offering word of mouth referrals and/or repeat opportunities to GSD. We particularly enjoy working on concept-to-completion projects […]

GSD’s New Construction Projects in Retail and Banking

We are pleased to announce that two new construction projects in Miami-Dade County are getting underway this month. One is a retail expansion for a new client and the other is a renovation for a long time banking client. Retail Construction: Expanding a Shopping Center The retail construction project is an expansion of an existing shopping center at 19915 Biscayne Blvd. in the busy Aventura shopping corridor anchored by HH Gregg, Stein Mart and Chilli’s. On behalf of the owner, […]

Seeing the light: are LEDs right for your business?

As a leading commercial contractor in South Florida, one of the topics we are asked about most is whether LED lighting is worth the investment. Our answer is always the same­—it depends! Yes, there is no one right answer. Many factors have to be taken into consideration when making the decision. But first, a definition: According the US Department of Energy, a light-emitting diode or LED, is a type of solid-state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into […]

Subcontractors can make or break your project

Few commercial contractors can keep specialists in every trade on their staff full time. That’s how the subcontractor system came to be. Hire the experienced professionals you need when you need them and move your project forward. That’s similar to “just in time inventory” principles from the manufacturing sector. Sounds simple enough, right? In fact, issues related to subcontractor performance, cooperation, skills, and availability are the bane of the industry. First, a little background on what has happened with the […]

A Diverse Workforce is Integral to Our Success

A diverse workforce combines workers from different backgrounds and experiences that together breed a more creative, innovative, and productive workforce. Over the last 35-years, GSD has learned to draw upon our area’s diversity to strengthen the quality of our work and bottom line results. For GSD, diversity is a key ingredient to growing a strong and inclusive business that’s positioned our commercial construction firm to employ the best talent regardless of background, gender, race or color. Per the Dodd Frank […]

Tips for Selecting an Architectural Firm for the Design of Your Project

You’ve been thinking about improving your working space for years. The time has finally come to move the process forward. But before you seek bids from an architect or designer, you need to do some thinking about what isn’t working well in your current space. This is the ideal starting point for understanding what you’d like in your new space. Solicit opinions from your respected employees and managers. Listen to what they have to say. They may see a space-planning […]

Commercial Contractors Giving Back

GSD Gives Back

You can read any number of articles online that extol why giving to local charities is good for your business. It gets your name out there, it builds your reputation with your clients and the public at large, and it sends a message to your employees that you care about the community. True, but that’s not our motive. We support several charities for no other reason than that they help the disenfranchised among us and deserve our support. We don’t […]

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