Who Needs Commercial Automotive Insurance? Probably You!

In our continuing series about the different types of insurance requirements in commercial contracting (both contractors and their clients), we’ll now take a look at whether a commercial policy is necessary as a replacement for personal auto insurance. Here are some factors that would make commercial vehicle insurance a wise choice: You use your vehicle to transport goods or people for a fee, or you use your vehicle to conduct a service (i.e., real estate development, commercial real estate sales) […]

Commercial Real Estate In Miami Gets A Boost From Luxury Retail

Purveyors of luxury retail brands have their sights set on Miami now more than ever before, and these exalted brand emporiums are opening in some neighborhoods that will surprise you. For years, Bal Harbour Shops in Miami Beach has been the place to go for names like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Prada, Tiffany & Co., and Harry Winston, to name a few, but some luxury retailers are leaving and others are opening additional outlets nearby. Nowhere is there more new luxury […]

Builder’s Risk Insurance and Why You Need It.

If you read our earlier blog post about Bid Bond Insurance, which protects the owner/developer during the bidding process, now you’re ready to move on to the construction stage. That’s where a type of property insurance called Builder’s Risk insurance comes into play. A lot of money is at stake in any commercial contract. If the building under construction is damaged by fire, theft, lightning, hail, vehicle crashes (into covered property), or vandalism and adequate insurance coverage is not held […]


How To Control Commercial Construction Costs

With the rising cost of materials and labor, it is your general contractor’s duty and responsibility to keep a tight reign on costs. Cost control is one of the most important aspects of meeting client budget expectations. Over the years, we’ve found several areas where we pay particular attention to this end. Good Design Pays For Itself Choose your architect and designer carefully. These professionals are crucial at the planning and drawing stage. A well-conceived plan will eliminate costly design […]

Could 3-D Printing Revolutionize the Construction Industry?

3-D printing is all the buzz at the moment. Almost weekly, we’re reading about how researchers are developing tiny electronic parts and implantable medical devices on small-scale 3-D printers. On a larger scale, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, launched in January of 2014, had 3-D printed parts in its engine onboard. So what about 3-D printing on a super macro scale—homes, commercial and public buildings? Exciting things are happening. First, a definition is in order. We liked the way Richard […]


Bid Bonds Protect Your Construction Project in the Bidding Process

Long before shovels hit dirt in a groundbreaking ceremony, as a commercial owner/developer, you should educate yourself on the Bid Bond process, which exists for your own protection. First, some definitions. A Bid Bond is a type of guarantee that a building contractor will bid accurately, has in place an ability to bond the project, and is qualified to perform under the terms of the contract. It is one type of bond that falls under the category of contract surety […]

Commercial Owner’s Insurance Guide

Insurance isn’t anything most of us want to wrap our heads around, but it is an absolutely necessary part of being in business. Here’s a quick recap on the types of insurance you should make certain your building contractor has before finalizing a building contract.   General Liability Insurance  This is key coverage for commercial contractors. General Liability Insurance protects contractors against injuries, accidents or property damage suffered on job sites. When workers accidentally damage property, this is the coverage […]


Construction Estimating: Getting Started

You’re bursting at the seams. Your current space isn’t serving your needs. You’re ready to invest in an additional location. There are any number of reasons why you’re starting to think about construction estimating. You need to set a budget for a new project, but before you can do that you have many factors to consider. We’ll address a few of them here so you can move toward the bidding process. Consider the structure Do you have dreams of grandeur? […]


How to Choose the Exterior Color of Your Building

You’ve wrestled with design, square footage and dozens of other details to get your new building project moving forward. Now you get to exercise your creative chops and choose a color for your building. We’ll address interior colors in a separate blog post. Color is both fun and serious at the same time. It’s fun to contemplate the world of color and all its permutations, but choosing a color that showcases your business and what it stands for is serious […]

Latest Trends in Outpatient Facility Design

All you have to do to confirm that the outpatient facility sector is growing is to drive around any urban neighborhood. Urgent care centers; ambulatory surgery centers and off-site hospital ER facilities are popping up everywhere. With growth comes a more concerted effort to streamline the design of these facilities. Owners, often regional or national players, are looking for flexible space configurations, economies of scale and consistency in design to promote branding. According to an article on Building Design + […]

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