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Demand for Office Space Continues to Sizzle in South Florida

South Florida’s office space market continues to heat up with practically no end in sight. It’s a trend that reflects the area’s increasing demand for tech, finance, and other business space as well as the ebb and flow of the economy. And this increase in office construction and renovation puts building owners in a powerful position. According to Miami’s real estate publication, The Real Deal, “Hundreds of thousands of square feet” were leased out in the first quarter of 2016. If […]

Best practices for smart commercial construction bidding

Construction Bidding: 4 Best Practices That Help You Do It The Right Way

Long before work trucks roll up to the job site, you’ve got another job and it’s arguably just as big. That’s the bid, and every project hinges on it. It’s time-consuming, and it’s sometimes headache-inducing, too. Get it wrong, and you’ll lose the project, or worse, you could lose a lot of money. Get it right, and you’ll make everyone happy. A lot goes into preparing a bid, and you probably have some of your own methods well in hand. […]

The most important and common terms in commercial construction

A Quick Guide to Common Commercial Construction Terms

Many of the terms and acronyms used by contractors throughout a construction project are either vaguely familiar or entirely foreign from the owner’s standpoint. But speaking the same language, at least to a certain degree, can help make communication much easier and more effective. It can mean fewer headaches throughout the construction phase and better outcomes. You’ll hear some terms frequently throughout a commercial remodel or another construction project. And while you may hear some others only once, they’re no […]

bank renovation

AmTrust Bank Renovations Add Value, Aesthetics, and Function

Finding a commercial contractor you can trust to do the best possible job is no small feat. With many of our clients, our professional relationship dates back several years and has proven to be an overwhelming success that still continues. In the case of AmTrust Bank, we’ve partnered on numerous complex and critical projects top to bottom, inside and out. Bank Renovation Overview The relationship began in 2003, constructing simple branch interiors when, in 2007 a facilities manager at a […]

construction company

Hiring a General Contractor? Read This First …

Maybe it’s accidental, and maybe some businesses feel they’re buying “cheap,” but as a wise man once said, “cheap is expensive.” For whatever reason, unlicensed construction companies are hired for major projects every year, and every year someone pays for it. Why is it so important to hire licensed workers? It all boils down to protecting yourself and your assets. Here’s what you need to know about licensed versus unlicensed contractors in South Florida. In Florida, like most states, a […]

commercial renovations

Building Renovations – The Preferred Choice Over Ground-Up Builds

Given enough time, any business can outgrow its space in physical dimension or function. That’s when you’re faced with the decision between renovating your existing building, renovating a building elsewhere, or a whole new build. For most businesses, renovation makes the most cost-effective sense. It adds value, reconfigures the space to suit your growing needs and in many cases, it’s ecologically sound. A ground-up build might seem like the best way to create what you need, especially if you want […]

auto dealership renovations

Improved Economy Drives More Auto Dealership Renovations

You might not have noticed many auto dealerships renovating during the recession, but scores of them are now bringing their businesses up to a more luxurious standard. Some of the improvements are merely cosmetic. Some are fundamental overhauls of an entire department or whole facility. That’s great news for both Florida and the automotive industry, and GSD Contracting is at the heart of this uptick in Florida dealership renovations. Auto Dealership Renovation Spurred by Numerous Factors There’s evidence no matter […]

fitness center construction

Planning the Ideal Fitness Center: Thoughts and Considerations When Constructing a Gym

There was a time when a fitness center was a rudimentary gym, and offered little more than a place to lift weights and maybe box a few rounds. My, how the industry has changed. With trainers breaking away from the mainstream and branching out on their own, and new forward-thinking fitness centers emerging all the time, yours has to be something special to set it apart from the rest. Fortunately, GSD Contracting has a long history in South Florida spa […]

hospital construction

The White Glove Approach to Hospital Construction

While every construction project has its own set of particulars, hospital construction is something rather unique. Few other jobs require even a similar level of attention to detail, and that’s because there’s so much at stake. At GSD Contracting, our reputation is built on your trust. Whether it’s new medical construction and design in South Florida or renovation of existing property, our experience and passion for the highest quality work means that your project gets the attention it deserves. Hospital […]

commercial contractor

Building Trust from the Top Down to the Field in South Florida’s Commercial Construction Industry

Every company in commercial construction has different relationships to manage in order to do their job. Perhaps none is more important than establishing a relationship of trust with everyone they deal with, from clients/developers and their lenders, to professional partners like architects and engineers, to subcontractors in the field from the trenches on out. As a trusted South Florida Contractor, we’ve been in business since 1980 and have learned a bit about successful business relationships over the years. Building trust […]

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