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The Basics of Phased Construction for a Commercial Remodel or New Development

How does phased construction work? It might be helpful to compare phased construction planning to the sort of rapid development design that has become popular in the design of software and other products. When developing software as quickly and efficiently as possible, developers break parts of the total project into manageable modules. This allows them to write, test, and modify code more rapidly and more inexpensively. For construction projects, we can apply the same sort of approach to help contain […]

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The Renovation and Transformation of the Former Saks Fifth Avenue Building

GSD Contracting participated in the challenge of transforming the stark, 80’s architecture of the former Saks Fifth Avenue retailer into a contemporary retail space and office center. The dated, big-white-box look of the exterior needed a contemporary and appealing update. Changes needed to be made internally to accommodate new functionality, too. This describes some of the work done for the renovation: One half of Saks Fifth Avenue became a new bi-level H&M store. One half of the upper level now provides […]

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Permitting Problems For Building Contractors: Do Expediters Really Expedite?

Fort Lauderdale is just one of many cities in South Florida acknowledging delays in its permitting system for construction and new development. Ever-increasing scrutiny, understaffed departments and old-fashioned manual systems may contribute to the problem. A local boom in new construction has certainly kept the departments busy. Building officials say that permit reviews typically take 38 to 48 days, depending upon the project’s complexity. In response to that, many Florida construction companies have complained about delays of six months to over a year. […]

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South Florida Hotel Trends: Hotel Renovations and Trendy Hostels on the Rise

What’s new in the South Florida hospitality industry? Instead of replacing aging hotels in the area, many hotel companies have chosen to hire commercial renovation contractors to breathe new life into older properties. Another surprising trend includes the emergence of upscale hostels that may appeal to budget travelers with rich tastes. We currently serve both new hotel construction and hotel renovation clients as a trusted partner in their projects. Why Opt for a Renovation Over Rebuilding? Renovating a hotel property rather […]

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Boom in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale as an Emerging Art District

For too long, large parts of Downtown Fort Lauderdale consisted of mainly vacant lots and dilapidated buildings. Recently, serious retail renovation and reconstruction have transformed the area into an emerging art district for the city and metropolitan area. Urban renewal efforts have also attracted different demographics and local construction companies to the area. GSD Contracting, a trusted retail contractor, has been heavily invested in this effort. For example, GSD Contracting is currently engaged in the program planning and construction of these projects: […]

Topping Out Celebration Held for the New Seven-Story Hampton Inn Hotel in Pompano Beach

We are proud to announce the topping out of the new 102-room Hampton Inn Hotel in Pompano Beach, Florida. Construction of the seven-story hotel and its pool began once permitted in March 2016. An event was held on September 22, 2016 to commemorate the concrete casting of the roof structure. The “topping out” ceremony celebrates not only a milestone in the construction process, but also that we are meeting the project’s scheduling forecasts. New Hotel Construction Requires Planning, Teamwork The […]

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South Florida Commercial Contractor Moves Faster Than Mother Nature

As South Florida braced for a possible tropical storm, GSD Contracting raced to finish a large glass installation at Galleria Mall that would have left a gaping hole in the north wall of the building. The work, scheduled during the storm season, needed to happen within a set budget and on time to meet a planned delivery date. As that date approached, however, so did the storm looming out in the Atlantic that would bring heavy amounts of rain and […]

Green construction and renovations move us toward a healthier world

Green Construction and Renovations: Environmentally Responsible Building

There was a time when green construction seemed like a fad that was primarily pushed by eco-conscious trendsetters. That’s no longer the case. Green construction has gone mainstream. The benefits are well known, and the industry recognizes that it’s not only approachable, but it also doesn’t have to be inordinately complicated or cost prohibitive. With green building design and construction, every job, whether it’s a new build or renovation, has a lower impact on the environment as a whole, the […]

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Demand for Office Space Continues to Sizzle in South Florida

South Florida’s office space market continues to heat up with practically no end in sight. It’s a trend that reflects the area’s increasing demand for tech, finance, and other business space as well as the ebb and flow of the economy. And this increase in office construction and renovation puts building owners in a powerful position. According to Miami’s real estate publication, The Real Deal, “Hundreds of thousands of square feet” were leased out in the first quarter of 2016. If […]

Best practices for smart commercial construction bidding

Construction Bidding: 4 Best Practices That Help You Do It The Right Way

Long before work trucks roll up to the job site, you’ve got another job and it’s arguably just as big. That’s the bid, and every project hinges on it. It’s time-consuming, and it’s sometimes headache-inducing, too. Get it wrong, and you’ll lose the project, or worse, you could lose a lot of money. Get it right, and you’ll make everyone happy. A lot goes into preparing a bid, and you probably have some of your own methods well in hand. […]

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