Agile Workspace Renovations: Hottest Trend in Efficient Office Design

Agile work environments empower employees to work with more creativity and productivity. Learn how GSD is transforming offices into efficient workspaces.

Movin’ On Up: A Florida Condo Elevator Retrofit Brings an Activities Center to Life

The Olympus Condo in Hallandale Beach, FL sits on an island on the Intracoastal. In this article, we explore the business case of HOA capital improvements.

Ways to Keep Your Commercial Building Out of the Red When Going Green

As South Florida developers and property owners want to “go green,” here’s some low cost ideas that won’t put your commercial building in the red.

Best South Florida Commercial Contractor Hurricane Plan

Construction During Hurricane Season: Preparation Is Everything

‘Tis the season in South Florida. Our gift to clients and employees is our proprietary H.E.M.P process to secure job sites and protect our employees.

3d printing updates for the construction industry

3D Printing 2.0: What Every Construction Contractor Should Know

A few years ago, we began looking into the new phenomenon called 3D printing and its future implications for the construction industry. At the time we wrote an article called, Could 3D Printing Revolutionize the Construction Industry? Well, that was then and this is now. And if you haven’t been paying attention, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Back then, 3D printing was in its infancy, and some early adoption industries like medical device and aerospace were taking the lead, […]

auto dealership renovation using phased construction

Phased Construction for Your Auto Dealership

If your auto dealership is in need of some serious updates, but you can’t afford to lose time and money by shutting down, phased construction is the right move for you. Phased construction takes your large-scale renovation and splits it into several smaller-scaled jobs. It lets you keep your business open, while getting all your renovations done with the intricate planning and step-by-step process of phased construction. It can also be a healthy option for your budget. Interested in learning […]

hiring tips to find the right commercial general contractor

Building a Bricks and Mortar Business? The Five Keys to Hiring the Right Commercial General Contractor

There’s building a business…and then there’s “building” a business in South Florida. On the one hand, there’s the business plan side that includes everything from competitive analysis to sales and marketing plans to manufacturing and inventory to profits and losses. Many business owners get this part of the equation. But most are much less comfortable with hiring commercial general contractors. No reflection on you. Even people in the business, including architects, property owners, and real estate investors may not comprehend […]

How Digital Tools Can Empower the Collaboration Between the Office and the Construction Site

The construction industry is tormented by severe productivity and efficiency problems at the moment. One of the most significant reasons behind this problematic reality has to do with the ineffective collaboration between the office and the site. Construction projects are becoming more and more complex and as a result, the communication between the various agents becomes more time and budget consuming. Nevertheless, the advent of digital technologies has made things look a bit more promising for the future of the […]

Top 5 Design Trends: The Future of Bank Construction in South Florida

In today’s world, the largest taxi service owns no cars. The largest lodging booking agency owns no hotels. With the shift in our society towards digital services, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that banks are also being impacted. When a customer can go online and take care of all their financial needs, bank design needs to change to continue bringing consumers into the bank. Here are some hot trends we’re seeing as a bank construction company that are driving […]

Unlicensed Contractors Commercial Construction

Recognizing the Heroes of Irma – and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Unlicensed Commercial Contractors

We want to send a huge “Thank You” to all restoration personnel, and from linemen to tree clearing specialists. Contrary to much of the bad press, our personal experience with FP&L was great, even though our office power was out for 5 days. Once their rep visited our area to coordinate, repairs were completed as promised and swiftly. These men and women are helping our communities and businesses recover from one of the largest areas of catastrophic hurricane damage ever. Some […]

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