South Florida Hotel Trends: Hotel Renovations and Trendy Hostels on the Rise

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What’s new in the South Florida hospitality industry? Instead of replacing aging hotels in the area, many hotel companies have chosen to hire commercial renovation contractors to breathe new life into older properties. Another surprising trend includes the emergence of upscale hostels that may appeal to budget travelers with rich tastes. We currently serve both new hotel construction and hotel renovation clients as a trusted partner in their projects.

Why Opt for a Renovation Over Rebuilding?

Renovating a hotel property rather than just starting fresh with a new hotel may offer the owners several advantages:

  • A hotel renovation will almost certainly cost less time & money than the efforts needed to site plan, permit & construct an entirely new building.
  • Renovations should be completed faster than rebuilding; in addition, parts of the hotel may stay open while the hotel renovation contractor completes upgrades.
  • Renovations can make older properties competitive with new and trendy hotels in terms of prices they can charge and the hotel’s attractiveness to visitors and even locals.
  • Renovations may be the only choice when confronted with properties that are historic or sited in a unique way whereby rebuilding would present a hardship.

For example, we have worked as the renovation contractors for the Hollywood Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa, and we are currently working on a renovation for the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse and Sales Center in South Beach. We understand that these hotels need to remain open during the renovation, and we always work with these businesses to ensure the comfort and safety of guests, employees, and customers throughout these renovation projects.

Trendy Hostels Emerge as an Option for Florida Travelers

Lots of tourists and even business travelers mostly view their hotel as simply a bed for the night. Some may desire a private room for themselves or their family; however, they find themselves priced out of the market in many popular destinations because they have to buy more room than they need. Other travelers may be happy to share a room with other guests in order to save money. Still, their image of a budget hotel or a hostel doesn’t satisfy them because they still want certain amenities that only swanky hotels provided in the past.
Hospitality industry disruption may come from a new breed of trendy hostels that have been planned in several large cities across the country, including Miami, New York City, and Chicago. These hostels offer the options of private or shared rooms at rates that rival or surpass budget chains. At the same time, they offer guests nice restaurants and bars and other amenities that people only expect to find in four- and five-star hotels.

The developers believe that they can earn substantial profits by offering beds at a lower rate but attracting more guests to spend money in other parts of the property. This new model may also help attract more visitors to areas with hotels that only cater to more affluent visitors.

Bring Experienced Building and Commercial Renovation Contractors to Your Project

GSD Contracting has been building and rebuilding in Florida for over 25 years. Our experience allows us to complete complex projects safely, on time, and within budget. Passion and drive fuel the process, and we’re only satisfied when our client tells us that we have exceeded their expectations. To bring an experienced hotel renovation contractor to your project, call 954.961.4222 or contact us online right away.

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