Relationships Rule In the South Florida Commercial Construction Industry

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Commercial construction is in a definite upswing, and South Florida general contractors are in high demand. Perhaps higher than at any time in recent years. That’s good news for everyone, especially for those who have a good builder on their side.

With more demand than there are builders at the ready, having an established relationship can help you get your project off the ground. How can you get that? Like anything else — you build it.

Commercial Construction Growth Boom

After too long in a recession, recent years have brought a major bounce-back in commercial construction. Miami in particular is growing so fast, it’s outpacing every other market in the country. That’s not expected to end any time soon. In fact, most expect the growth trend to continue for no fewer than five years.

An unfortunate side-effect of the downturn of the past was an exodus of experienced contractors and workers. But the reverse hasn’t proven true with the new growth. Some just aren’t returning to the market, and that means more projects and a lot more demand but fewer contractors available to take them.

Through the more unstable years, what’s kept many contractors moving forward is a good working relationship with clients. Years of working together builds trust. And trust speaks volumes in this industry, on both sides.

Relationships with South Florida General Contractors

There’s a lot that goes into relationships. It takes a great attitude, teamwork, communication, and always striving to be the kind of person that you’d want to work with. Those things don’t happen overnight.

In the leaner construction years, the dynamic was the same, or at least it should have been. It doesn’t work if it’s one-sided. But then again that’s how you come to trust a contractor or a client to begin with. It’s those years of ups and downs and still maintaining a professional alliance that form a strong base for future collaborations.

Qualified workers aren’t expected to come back in droves. That hurts general contractors as much as it does our clients. From older workers retiring and younger workers leaving for jobs elsewhere, this growth rebound isn’t as great as it might be. What makes the difference and can get projects off the ground is having experience with the right people. When you know your contractor and he knows you, any concerns about the job just aren’t a part of the equation.

Building Design and Construction Loyalty

Probably the worst-case scenario is a project and no contractor to bid and build it. Or maybe the worst is really finding a contractor who isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. You’re more likely to get a complete and well-vetted (thus truly competitive) bid in a negotiated relationship with a contractor that you already know. With someone else, you’ll be liable to get a competitive (i.e. ‘low”) bid. If it’s the latter you’re after, you should be sure you have a strong set of documents coupled with an equally strong contract – as this can become the only basis supporting your expectations. The difference can really matter.

Most negotiated relationships often begin pre-construction, during the planning phase where real competitive options become apparent. This happens well before money has been wasted on ideas that often become dropped due to late in the game “value engineering”. Be sure to discuss the importance of pre-construction services with your preferred builder.

A competitive bid sounds like a great idea, because it’s the best up-front bargain. But with a negotiated bid, you and your contractor stand to find a better deal. He has your best interest at heart and works to find ways to save money without sacrificing quality. You both reap the rewards of those cost-saving measures. That kind of allegiance just doesn’t happen as often where there’s no prior working relationship.

Best practice construction purchasing should be disciplined by short and long term analyses – and you should assess the value proposition before making a decision. Ask yourself if the low cost of the project is worth doing based on the following criteria;

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Financial project stability
  • Proven ability to perform against the odds
  • Is the best value in your best interest?

It takes time to build a valued partnership, and those relationships are getting harder to come by. That’s never been truer than it is now, with the construction market starting to soar and so few general contractors to really give it wings. In GSD Contracting’s list of 46 projects both current and completed in 2015, 26 are from client relationships extending back ten years or more! The importance of loyalty on both sides can be the difference between pairing the right contractor for the job or settling for the best one that’s available at the time.

If you’ve got a project coming up, you’ll need the right contractor for the job. We’re not the only ones around, but we take our business relationships seriously. That’s true, no matter what your project happens to be, even the challenging ones. GSD = Gets Stuff Done, no matter what. It’s in our initials, and it’s what we stand for. Give us a call at 954.961.4222 or contact us online.



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