Reception Renovations: Because You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression.

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As one of South Florida’s leading commercial contractors, we do a lot of office renovation work. From time to time, we find that business owners put so much effort into creating a more efficient, streamlined office that helps the business function better that by the time they get to the reception area, they are exhausted and plumb out of ideas! Of course, your reception area is the first place your visitors see when they enter your business, and it’s the first and most important “impression zone” that sets the tone for your client engagement.

The sweetest receptionist in the world can’t overcome a reception area that’s shabby, uncomfortable, poorly lit, and poorly designed. Put some effort into your reception area design planning and it will pay you dividends for years to come.

What Creates Good First Impressions?

There are many things to consider as you sit down to make design decisions for your reception area. There are some choices that are common to any type of business:

  • Go for spaciousness over clutter. Even a small space can be made to appear larger if the furnishing are streamlined and well designed.
  • Lighting is all-important. Choose incandescent or LED over fluorescent lighting because it creates a homier atmosphere. Try adding a special hanging accent light for a little punch, styles can be found to meet any budget.
  • Carpet muffles noise. Hardwearing industrial carpeting is worth the extra cost, consider carpet tiles for the ability to exchange should some become prematurely worn or stained.
  • Please take a seat. Most visitors prefer to sit in chairs instead of on a sofa next to people they don’t know. High quality chairs are worth the price, as they will serve you for years and years.

Some types of businesses have special things to consider. In busy medical practices, patients might have a long wait. You want to give them comfortable seating, adequate lighting for reading and soft music to sooth them because many patients visiting the doctor are not feeling well. And by all means, keep your reception area very clean. There’s nothing that says you don’t care about your customer faster than dog-eared magazines, scattered newspapers, spent coffee cups, and a layer of dust on the glass coffee table. 

Reception Statements

Some companies set out to make a dramatic statement about their businesses from the get-go. A few examples of dynamic reception areas we have worked on recently are DaskLux Executive Office Suites in Downtown Miami, and the Law Offices of Steinberg Garellek in Boca Raton.

DashLux is an executive office suite rental that says “luxury” from the moment you step off the elevator into a welcoming lobby area featuring contemporary furniture and dramatic artwork. A sophisticated mix of natural old country woods and 21st century metals along with native Mexican hardwood doors and vaulted ceiling says custom interior all the way.

The Steinberg Garellek law offices are a retrofit of a former 8,500 sq. ft. restaurant space. Big believers in using sustainable materials where possible, including LED lighting, their design strikes just the right balance between the professional look associated with law firms and sleek modernity.

A Track Record You Can Trust

As design-build contractors, we can do so much more for you if we get involved in your office renovation from the earliest planning stages. Not only does this give us the opportunity to help you control costs, we can offer design ideas we’ve seen work in other office renovation projects we’ve done. We’ll work with you to create a custom feel without a custom price. So if you need to find a contractor for a full office renovation, or just a refresh for your reception area, contact us at 954.961.4222 or online.

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