Luxury Movie Theater Construction on the Rise

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People have countless entertainment choices in their homes now, from premium cable to streaming services with thousands of television series and movies available on demand. But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a night out at the movies anymore.

In fact, going out to the movies is more of a special event than it used to be. Seeing a movie on a giant screen with surround sound the weekend it comes out is a special occasion, and people are willing to spend some money to make the experience memorable. Fortunately, many chain and independent movie theaters are catering to this “special occasion” attitude by offering luxuries you probably never imagined when you were a kid going to the movies.

Popular Amenities at Luxury Movie Theaters

When people can enjoy a blockbuster film from the comfort of their living room sofa, with pillows and blankets and a refrigerator close by, the standard cinema seats with their shared armrests may not seem very tempting. Luxury cinemas invest in theater construction designed to make the movie-going experience comfortable, enjoyable, and worth paying for. Today’s patrons can enjoy reclining leather seats with adjacent trays for food, complimentary popcorn, and high end food choices and cocktails made by on-site chefs and bartenders and served by black-clad “ninja” servers. Some cinemas even offer pillows and blankets. Ticket kiosks sometimes take the place of the traditional box office, and some luxury theaters include self-serve concession stands.

Luxury Can’t Only Be on the Surface

But with theater construction, luxury isn’t just a veneer slapped on at the last minute. The luxury cinema experience requires movie theater construction services that begin with top quality design and materials. Not only must theaters provide sturdy, comfortable seating that’s both beautiful and easy to clean, they must house the projection equipment, install food service equipment if in-theater food service is to be provided, and design attractive lobbies and restrooms. And to provide the highest quality audio experience, construction must be designed and executed to contain sound within each auditorium with excellent acoustics and no “leakage” of sound into other auditoriums. Sound-deadening design and construction must be a top priority.

Luxury and Sustainability Don’t Have to Be Mutually Exclusive

With more clients and communities paying more attention to sustainability, the luxury cinema must be built with environmental concerns in mind. Fortunately, luxury and sustainability often go perfectly hand in hand. Many eco-friendly building materials, like quartz for countertops, are naturally perceived as luxurious, for example. Water-efficient restroom fixtures can be beautifully designed, and climate control systems can be chosen to deliver outstanding comfort and efficiency when the overall design is excellent and the selected movie theater construction services have the expertise to do it right. Finally, outstanding construction quality is naturally more energy efficient due to details like lack of drafts and expert use of high quality building materials.

Where to Turn When You Want to Deliver a Luxury Cinema Experience

Not all South Florida general contractors have the combination of skill and track record necessary to deliver the luxury cinema experience. The steps taken from the design phase right through to opening night can make the difference between a one-time novelty destination and a theater people want to return to repeatedly. The right commercial general contractor will also understand the role of sustainability and how to incorporate it into the theater through the choice of materials and construction techniques.

As trusted design-build contractors, we understand movie theater construction services, having built the Cinemark Next Gen Theater in Lakeland and having been involved in countless high-profile commercial general contractor jobs in the region. By working with you from the earliest planning stages, GSD Contracting can help you keep costs under control, introduce you to the latest design ideas, and create the custom luxury movie theater experience you want to bring to your customers. Please feel free to call us at 954.961.4222 or contact us online. We would love the opportunity to discuss your project with you.

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