Respecting the Environment: Keeping Commercial Construction Clean in South Florida

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At GSD Contracting, we consider the proper disposal of hazardous materials one of the most important responsibilities we have on a job site. Materials toxic to the environment can be present in new builds, demolition and excavation work. That’s why we make the proper disposal of hazardous waste part of our standard operating procedures. We have a formal written Hazardous Waste Disposal Program that must be followed by our subcontractors as well as ourselves.

Our policy was written by one of our very own project mangers and has been in place for almost a decade. It follows EPA guidelines and covers the proper disposal of mercury containing lamps, ballasts and thermostats as well as batteries, office machinery, PCB- and Freon-containing equipment, suspected hazardous equipment, storage tanks, containers, etc.

Our Hazardous Waste Disposal Program is included in every subcontractor agreement and contains procedures for “a chain of custody letter” and the proper boxing up and disposal at a hazardous waste contractor where we hold an account.

Hazardous Construction Debris Must be Disposed of Properly

An issue in Miami demonstrated why the proper disposal of hazard waste is an important responsibility of construction companies.

NBC Miami News reported on sand dumped on Miami Beach from a construction project containing nails, screws, glass, concrete, and wood with lead paint. The dumping for beach nourishment was an agreement between the contractor and the City of Miami Beach, but oversight compliance was the responsibility of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This caused an outcry from many Miami-Beach residents, bringing the situation to the attention of authorities to get it cleaned up.

At GSD Contracting, we want each one of our construction projects to be an asset to the community and not a disruption. Our Hazardous Waste Disposal Program is just one way that we strive to avoid these types of issues.

Green Construction: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The 3Rs have been the catch phrase of the environmental movement since Earth Day in 1970. We try to live green construction every day. In our renovation work, we often get the opportunity to dispose of desks, cabinets, lockers, and furniture. Instead of just dumping in landfills, we make an effort to recycle these materials where they are needed.

Schools are often the recipients of our recycling efforts: We once sent ten truckloads of useful supplies to a school, and have completely outfitted a school with a new kitchen with equipment from sites. We’ve also fully furnished a local non-profit agency’s large outdoor patio with teakwood furnishings from a hotel that had updated their decor. It turned out that the hotel no longer needed their outdoor space heaters either, so we donated them to three local charities and managed the entire donation process by matching the donor with the recipient. We so believe in recycling, we donate the trucking and labor to these efforts. It’s the least we can do for our communities.

It may seem a little thing, but when working near grassy areas, we cover them with tarps to prevent debris from getting into the grass. While that just makes common sense in terms of public safety, it also is an environmentally sound practice. Grass that gets torn up usually has to be replaced by sod requiring constant watering, a waste of one of our most precious resources.

Trust us to do the Right Thing 

As a leading South Florida contractor, we believe in being stewards of the environment. We demonstrate that in everything from our hazardous waste disposal policy to our experience in LEED certified green buildings. If the environment is important to you too, consider us for your next project whether it’s a new build or renovation. You can trust us to do the right thing. It’s part of our DNA. To learn more about us, call 954.961.4222 or visit us online.





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