Innovations in Green Construction: Taking Green Building Design to New Places

green construction

You can hardly be in or around the construction industry these days without learning more about green building design. It’s more than a movement, and a lot more than a trend. It’s becoming the usual way that we build, and GSD Contracting is at the heart of it.

Green construction means a lot of things. It’s about contributing less to the greenhouse effect, and it’s also about using natural resources more wisely. Sometimes it deals with recycling efficiently and finding a better way to make an everyday product.

The result that everyone hopes for is less waste and a healthier planet. Here are a couple of new, innovative ways that science is moving in that direction:

Used Printer Cartridges Become Green Building Materials

Asphalt might bring to mind a lot of images, from hot and messy to expensive and not exactly environmentally friendly. But Australia is working to incorporate one of the most common office waste materials and make asphalt a greener material for everyone.

Printer toner, not to be confused with printer ink, is a powdery material with a low melting temperature. When it’s used in an office setting, the printer melts toner particles, which creates permanent words and images on the page. But a lot of toner is tossed into landfills every year. says that about 13 percent of every cartridge is left unused.

If the material lasts like they think that it will, the binder that holds asphalt together will come from a brand new source. This also means that the extreme heat needed to produce asphalt in a construction project won’t be necessary.

Portland Cement Gets a Green Building and Design Upgrade

Portland cement is one of the most common building materials in the world. It’s in the concrete that’s poured for building foundations and highways, and it’s in the thin-set mortar that’s used to install tiles. It’s even in tile grout. But although this glue-type material is practically everywhere, says that it’s also a significant producer of greenhouse gases.

With the advances in the industry today, projects like yours could go from adding a ton of carbon dioxide to the environment for every ton of cement produced to adding zero. That’s a major advance.

This doesn’t mean that Portland cement will change. It’s the manufacturing process that’s being examined. Researchers believe that they can capture the carbon dioxide that occurs when Portland cement is produced, contain it before it escapes and reuse it in other processes.

The more aware that the construction industry becomes, the more areas that we find to make the world a cleaner place. That can help you with getting LEED credits, and it can also let you design and build a structure that you feel good about.

GSD Contracting is your green builder in South Florida. We understand the importance of proper waste disposal and know how important preservation of the environment is to the community and all of our clients.

Call us at 954.961.4222 or contact us for your next project and learn about all of the innovative ways that we can help you stay on the green building track.

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