Green Construction and Renovations: Environmentally Responsible Building

Green construction and renovations move us toward a healthier world

There was a time when green construction seemed like a fad that was primarily pushed by eco-conscious trendsetters. That’s no longer the case. Green construction has gone mainstream. The benefits are well known, and the industry recognizes that it’s not only approachable, but it also doesn’t have to be inordinately complicated or cost prohibitive.

With green building design and construction, every job, whether it’s a new build or renovation, has a lower impact on the environment as a whole, the community on a smaller scale, and the people who occupy the building specifically. Here’s what you should consider with your next project.

Environmentally Responsible Building Fits Most Projects

Green building works for practically any project that you have in mind. If it’s a new build, you can go green from the ground up. But you can also incorporate environmentally sound materials and practices in an existing building. A renovation is just as likely a candidate as any other project.

Think of a renovation as the chance to make an existing building healthier and more energy efficient than it was. Every little bit helps. Something as basic as replacing windows with energy efficient ones keeps the building more comfortable, and it saves a tremendous amount on heating and cooling energy.

Eco-Friendly Materials are Everywhere

You might remember the days of solar panels that weren’t especially effective and green materials that performed at a substandard level. Those days really are gone. Products such as zero-VOC paint that doesn’t off gas, low-emissivity glass that conserves heating and cooling energy and many others are easy to find now, which also means the cost is coming down.

The benefits of green building and design are so popular and have caught on so well, chances are most materials that your project needs have a readily-available, green option. Even durable commercial carpeting made from recycled plastics is available off the shelf. And sustainable bamboo or cork flooring do their part to perform well and look great without depleting the environment of its natural resources.

Green Building Standards Can be Strict

With all of the ease in finding green, going green can get a little complicated. That’s particularly true if you plan to follow Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Many building owners make that choice and seek LEED certification, which recognizes a building’s successful compliance.

The standards examine a building’s overall performance in everything from air quality and water conservation to reducing energy consumption. And to earn the certification, standards must be followed to the letter. At GSD Contracting, we’ve got the experience that you need to fulfill them.

Whether your project is a brand new building or the renovation of an existing one, green construction is a real possibility. In fact, there’s an element to renovation that’s inherently green. Reusing and repurposing are part of the environmentally friendly chain. When you update a structure that’s already standing, you contribute less of an environmental strain, and ultimately less to landfills, than you would with a complete teardown and rebuild.

Adhering to LEED standards makes any job more challenging, but you can improve your carbon footprint without taking it to that level. And because environmentally responsible building is no longer a fringe concept, your project will look as great as it performs without spending triple your budget or custom ordering materials that few people have even heard of.

GSD Contracting can help you reduce your environmental impact through tested and proven green construction practices. Call us at 954-961-4222 to learn more about how to make your project a healthier one, or contact us online.

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