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Florida Commercial Contractor COVID-19 Plan

Our Response Plan for COVID-19

With COVID-19 impacting South Florida businesses, our priority is to protect our employees and clients. As a result, we are taking the necessary steps to protect all on site when we must be in contact with them. As of today, the following safety precautions have been put in place: 

GSD Contracting Fort Lauderdale Office

  • All company gatherings have been cancelled.
  • Our office is closed to all Non-GSD personnel.
  • The office is being disinfected on a regular basis to help prevent the spread of the virus
  • All office employees have been directed to work from home where feasible.
  • All office employees that are unable to work from home have been directed to remain in their private offices when in the building.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, all meetings shall be conducted via conference call or other virtual means.
  • Company common areas (lunchroom, kitchen, conference rooms) will be closed and marked out of use.

South Florida Commercial Construction Project Sites

  • Job Progress meetings shall be conducted via conference call or other virtual means.
  • Onsite, in person meetings (when necessary), shall be limited to only essential personal, and shall be conducted in locations (or outside if necessary) where the CDC’s recommendations for 6 feet social distancing can be adhered.
  • Handwashing sinks are being installed at all project sites that have a potable water source.
  • Waterless hand wipes have been distributed to all project sites that do not have a potable water source.
  • No communal food is permitted on the job sites until further notice.
  • No raffle tickets or other fund raising activities is permitted on the job sites.
  • Employees that are experiencing symptoms are being directed to stay home and seek the appropriate medical treatment.

In the event that a GSD employee or a subcontractor that is working at a project site tests positive for COVID-19, we will notify that client immediately. If additional information about our COVID-19 response plan is required or you would like to discuss further measures related to your specific project, please contact your Project Supervisor, Project Manager or Jason Bates, Executive Vice President  (jasonb@gsdcontracting.com).