Diversity & Inclusion

Per the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform, Consumer Protection Act and Dodd Frank Act, all federal agencies are required to assess the degree to which contractors and where applicable, subcontractors, make “good faith efforts” to provide for the fair inclusion of minorities and women in their workforce.

GSD Contracting takes great pride in our long-standing commitment to minority participation with our project partners including subcontractors, venders and suppliers. GSD works to proactively develop, present opportunities and maintain strong relationships with diverse subcontractors across our geographic area.

GSD strives to develop and support a diverse and inclusive team for project delivery while performing the highest quality work within committed time frames. We believe inclusion benefits the entire community, and we approach this in a variety of ways depending on the specific project and at times expressed client goals. We help maintain goals by actively soliciting prospective bidders and encouraging partners and subcontractors to make minority inclusion a priority. We also support minority and diverse subcontractor/vendor success through informal mentoring efforts.

Only by embracing diversity among employees, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers can we approach challenges and solve problems better than our competitors. Superior commercial contracting requires tapping into these unique perspectives.

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