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Bank architecture has come a long way from the imposing, classical fortresses of the 18th and 19th century. Today, banks have evolved as contemporary, progressive, open-plan buildings that are decidedly customer-centric. However, the need to be seen as institutions of financial stability and integrity is, perhaps, more important than ever. In turn, many financial institutions require 3rd party bonding of their contracting partners to guarantee performance under the contract. Due to our track record, GSD Contracting always meets these stringent underwriting requirements.

We’ve built retail banks all over South Florida, from Tequesta in the north to Homestead in the south.

For everyone involved in the process of bringing a banking facility to completion—from bank management to architect to builder—careful planning accommodating state and federal regulations, high tech security and specialized equipment is key.  This is especially the case when a facility must remain operational during the construction process. We did just that for Fidelity Investments by phasing the project, allowing the firm to continue operations during the total reconstruction of their office and customer service spaces.

Our long engagement with the Federal Reserve is another example of our experience with the unique requirements of bank construction. It all began more than 20 years ago as preferred commercial contractor on the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Miami Branch Office in Doral. As part of our nation’s central banking system, the level of security demanded of everyone on site was of the highest level. Our success on this project led to building out the Atlanta Fed’s Monetary Museum, a facility that educates the public on everything from monetary policy to the history of our currency to shredding of old bank notes. Later, we returned to the Federal Reserve to construct an additional 90,000 sq ft of highly secure office space and perform work to strengthen perimeter site security.  This long-term relationship continues today.

GSD provides federal and private bank owners industry-leading security, safety, quality and hands on project management. Have an upcoming retail bank construction or renovation project? We want to learn more. Call us at 954-961-4222 or fill out the Project Details form so we can submit a bid.

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