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Agile Workspace Renovations: Hottest Trend in Efficient Office Design

Some people say that the whole idea of creating an agile office space work environment began with the rise of tech companies and the dot-com era. But even before that, glamorous tech start-ups and advertising agencies in New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles were tinkering with the concept of office transformation and making the workplace more conducive to creativity and productivity. Today, especially in South Florida, agile workspace renovation and activity-based working is the trend. Various generations support it, and GSD, a South Florida office renovation contractor, is helping forward-looking companies implement it.

What Is Agile Working, Anyway?

Agile working is all about creating a work environment that nurtures creativity, freedom and productivity. It is inspired by activity-based working (ABW), where people and their positions are defined more by what they do and how they do it, rather than their department or title. Agile work environments empowers employees to work with anyone, anytime, from anywhere by also embracing remote/telecommuting as part of a company’s approach. GSD, a Fort Lauderdale office renovation contractor, works with architects to construct transformational office workspaces. And make no mistake about it, how an office space is configured provides many benefits to businesses and their employees.

What Are the Benefits of an Agile Workspace?

An office transformation that supports the types of workspaces described above enables a range of activities and behaviours that work for everyone, including the following:

  • Attracting the best employees: Work environment scores high among all workers – especially the current generation of aspiring workers and thinkers.
  • Keeping the best employees:  Satisfaction develops more effective, engaged and motivated people.
  • Maintaining employee well-being: A healthier work environment makes healthier people and creates a more sustainable workplace.
  • Supporting organization flexibility: Better collaboration and a higher degree of engagement create more trust and enables more efficient decision-making.
  • Encouraging work-life balance: Quality of life will definitely improve after implementation and transformation.
  • Enabling significant and sustained cost savings: A typical agile office space refurbishment may provide savings of 15-20 % when compared to the cost of a traditional office refurbishment.

What Does an Agile Workspace Look Like?

From the exterior, an agile workspace can look like any traditional office, but step inside and a whole new work world unfolds. Activity-based working in a building is characterized by different environments, different spaces and different settings for people to either concentrate individually or to collaborate as a group. Typically the agile workspace will offer the following highly flexible configurations:

  • Focus space
  • Collaboration space
  • Team meeting space
  • Relaxation space
  • Telephone conversation space
  • Concentration space
  • Inspirational space

GSD Contracting is sensitive to the needs of South Florida businesses and conducts, in coordination with an architect, an audit of business and employee needs before any agile office space refurbishment begins. With that understanding, a floor plan would be designed that not only accommodates space allocations, but also provides flexibility to accommodate changing work needs.

An estimated average 51% of traditional office space is wasted space.

Who Wants an Agile Workspace?

Developing an agile office space work environment isn’t always inspired by management. In fact, an agile workplace centered around activity-based working seems to have cross-generational appeal. The baby boomer generation, which offers plenty of high-value “grey power” business experience, is looking for a reason to keep working. They have experienced tremendous change in work and work tools. They like the idea that an agile workplace offers them more face-to-face and collaborative opportunities. The millennials truly get the concept of agile. They also change jobs more often, so they will go where they can perform best. When they interview the interviewer, an agile workspace will likely be at the top of their wish list.

Google and Unilever adopted agile workspace environments to attract the right talent and bring positive, measurable results to their businesses.

How to Get Started with an Agile Office Space Renovation

Effectively and efficiently executing a transformative office space refurbishment will be successful only if done with planning and care. The following steps will help ensure a buildout that works for everyone.

  • Select office retrofit design and construction experts. GSD is a South Florida office renovation contractor with the approach, experience and expertise to guide your company through your office transformation. We can hire an architect with agile office space design experience or work with an architect of your choosing.
  • Conduct a thorough office activity audit and analysis. Critical to activity-based working, this step identifies daily activities being performed and provides decision-making input about the required agile workspace renovation.
  • Know that your agile workspace contractor is allied with an activities-based workspace designer. GSD works with clients, architects and interior designers to conduct the audit mentioned above. They analyze employee activity patterns and information requirements. They may also help with the transition to the agile workspace by conducting tours and behavioral workshops, hosting inspirational sessions and developing design briefs. Once the activity based workspace design firm completes the office space design and layout, GSD works with them on project costing, construction planning and implementation.

Ready to Go Agile?

GSD Contracting is ready and able to guide you through your agile workspace renovation. Our goal is to create a space that’s perfectly aligned with the way your organization and your people prefer to work.